Saturday, November 6, 2010

Im gonna stop writing in this blog


I had my longest silence in this blog. I took some time to resolve some of the painest moment of my life, but still im grateful it happen before the engagement..

Thank You Allah.

Im gonna stop here. I'll be back with a new wedding blog in future..hopefully? InshaAllah.

"I seek refuge with (Allah) the Lord of the daybreak,
"From the evil of what He has created;
"And from the evil of the darkening (night) as it comes with its darkness; (or the moon as it sets or goes away).
"And from the evil of the witchcrafts when they blow in the knots,
"And from the evil of the envier when he envies."

Anyone who knew the reason why this surah (Al-falaq) diturunkan, will know the exact problem of mine.

Monday, October 11, 2010

dreams that you dare to dream

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can’t I?

ps: Confused-state-of-mind

Ya Allah, kuatkanlah hati hambamu ini

Sunday, October 10, 2010

PPM- Just pay RM1, wander for 30minutes and walk away

I merely spend 30mins dalam PPM-Pameran Pengantin Malaysia held at KL Con.Center.

itu padahnya kalau tak betul2 tgok vendor apa yang terlibat. Niat utk tengok caterer je. Pergi seorang pula tu, my friend lambat so balik kerja 1pm trus ke KLCC.

Ada entry fee RM1. I was shoked, really. I never went to any pameran tht charged the visitor. Walaupun RM1 je, still macam weird. hehehe. So dapat paper bag 2pcs after tu, maybe bayar paper bag?:)

Caterers ada Suri Catering dengan another one tak ingatlah sebab both pun outta my budget.Untuk yang nak start with pelamin byk vendor yg well-known(DinaHalim, RinsSuzana,Haidar Rahman,Udaimatunnur), cards(bnyak sgt vendor cards,mostly promo cards 1000pcs+box 1000pcs+bunting free at promo price). Photo n videos ada pixelworks n eddiephotovideo. Slimming company memang sentiasa akan ada lah kan. Offer free treatment lagi.
So dah malas la nak tengok2 vendors lain.

Last time PPM kat Ampang Point was wayy much better. Ada test food :)

I guess tak banyak vendor sebab the date tak sesuai la. Mesti byk majlis kahwin going on during the fair.

*Update tunang pula

Dah setel beli lace and tudung for e-day kat TAR. Dah try the tudung with veil. Suka....Cuma ada color contrast, tudung peach and veil off white. Kena cuba pakai dengan bju to see how it overally look like..Alternatively i have to dye the veil with colorant warna peach/fabric dye/natural dye. Haha. Takpe, this e-day is all about trying out new things..haha mcm nk buat birthday party je. Found DIY on dyeing tulle fabric and a great website about hand-dyeing-he explain each fabric rquires different method of dyeing. Tulle is made of either nylon or polyester. So cara nak kena betul to make it work....Tak ada ke org jual nila warna peach???hehe. Hey u know u can also dye plain clear glass into any colour u want. This is the DIY. So can have a themed glass jar but im not sure where to buy the dye. Gonna check on hardware stores or DIY store. I always wonder how the craft stores dekat overseas.mesti best sgt kan.

pic n DIY from bridalbuzz

Headpiece tak ada..macam taknak. embellishment pada veil tak buat pn lagi......Kalau penuh emb. di kepala dah cukup dah.

Jumpa dokoh di TAR, RM100 each. Nak ke tak pakai utk e-day? teringin sgt nak pakai and own one.Konon nak simpan jadikan harta pusaka. Haha berangan bajet melayu terakhir

Saturday, October 9, 2010

CD Zikr as goodies to guest

Ada tak org pernah buat...

Macam nak buat tapi wonder adakah ia menyalahi hak copyright?Obviously la kan ..

Sebab cadangnya nak burn sendiri CD's zikr munajat yg selalu tayang di Astro Oasis. Bolehla diorang dengar dalam kereta bila time nak dengar(lah).

Then buat casing yang cantik.

ps: Masa I got good grades for PMR, my Pak Lang(arwah) give me a really...moving present. he gave Tafsir Al-Quran and CD Zikir.

Semasa dia pergi menemui Ilahi, i was thinking about him a lot...And terfikir how concern he is about his nephew. Sampai sekarang i kept the tafsir, tapi CD dah rosak.

*found some of the DIY CD case here and this consideration

*hurm jumpa this site about cheap idea of wedding favor

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Marriage quote

After you marry, every asset either of you acquires is jointly held. That's why you both need to be in sync on your long-term financial goals, from paying off the mortgage to putting away for retirement. Ideally, you should talk about all this before you wed. If you don't, you can end up deeply frustrated and financially spent. - Suze Orman

I love Suze Orman. She is unlike any other personality i've ever seen on Oprah. She speaks up, clear things out and motivates people.

I've become more financial-savvy after seen her show. But I must admit, im not good in financial planning. My FH (future hubby) is better a thousand times. I talks a lot. But none happen. FH talk so little and only hear my oh-so-big-plan , but then the end of the day, he got a great savings. He know how to keep his money, not spending it on unnecessary thing...I adore you super darling FH. :)

But i cant keep up with his obsession with cars. Its over-indulge, me.

I cant let him buy super expensive car when we had enough car. Ours is not imported, but enough to take us safely.

So...actually dah lari tajuk...So we should speak up to our future spouse regarding financial goals.

Happy Thursday. Last syawal.:(

ps: Tadi beli baju kurung satin at Tesco Rm11.70 je.. haha lantakla.Cantik gak. Nak pakai ke kenduri.

pps: Got my voucher for Photobook 61% off promo for the Imagewrap book! Valid til 2015. Maybe gonna use for tunang photo..Sekarang nak cari siapa boleh shoot&burn yang murah-murah je..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hantaran tunang checklist

For engagement hantaran, im gonna use peach theme me to him and white peachy from him to me.

Me to him

1. Perfume set-DONE

2. Mini cakes-Sponsored by kekna, my couz.consider DONE

3. Nikah kain-DONE. Bought at bandung last time

4. Chocs-Kakak belikan at langkawi. consider DONE

5. Fruits-Lg 1 hari nak tunang baru beli. :)

Him to me

1.Macaroons, pancakes, puff, cupcakes, donuts of durian- something from DurianDurian/Big Apple/Sweetchat. Gila durian.

2.Jelly cake-from JellyCake house. Lagi 2 weeks before e-day baru order.

3.Fruits-Lg 1 hari nak tunang baru beli juga

Tepak sireh n cincin xmasuk in list kan..So mcm 5 balas 5 je. Gasak lah.

ps :Terasa nk hantaran foods from durian sbb suka durian...

macaroon from DurianDurian. source masakmasak

Hantaran made from carnations

gubahan from newlyweds

Dulang hantaran perlukan 10 skali alas..Pinjam saje from couzin or friends yg dah kawin.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Life is for Living. Happy birthday me.

I am upset with something yet I think that is not the worst thing ever happened to me. I can deal with it.

For the birthday, I'd like to share this beautiful doa.

Dear Lord, please guide me, my parents, my family, my friends, my acquaintances, and all those I love and know, as well as all Muslims to the Straight Path. Please give us Jannah and Firdaws Pleas protect us form hellfire Please protect us from suffering in the grave, from hellfire, form the temptations of Dajjal and difficult tribulations in this world and the hereafter. Please myke us one of those who will be brough back to life with light one their faces and given tehir book in their right hand Make the dying pains easier for us Make us of those who will be granted the privilege of looking at You from Jannah We ask You for everything for which Your beloved messenger Muhammad, s.a.w.s., has asked You, and we seek Yor protction form everything form which he sought porotection. Ya Ar-Rahman, please make us closer to everything tahta is good, and remove from us everything dthat s bad Ya al-Gaffar, Forgive us our sins Please endow us with all the good vcharacteristics of a pious Muslim, especially those characteristics Your messenger, s.a.w.s., had, and remove from us the characteristics of those who earned your anger and went astray. Please increase our concentratuion in prayer and zikrullah please protect us from haughtiness and purify our niyyah Please help our brothers and sisters in Palestine and everywhere where Muslims are suffering, give them strength, patience, tawakkul and sakinah,. Please strengthen the Ummah and make us unified.


O Allah, heal our ummah. Heal us from sickness, physical and mental, in our bodies and our hearts. Heal us of the sickness of racism and hate and exclusion. Heal us of the sickness of sexism, show us the way to be truly brothers and sisters with real respect for one another. Heal us of infatuation with others and give us pride in our diyn. Heal our hearts, heal our minds, heal our communities, heal our families. Guide us to the way of Islam, the way of your Prophet sall-Allaahu alayhi wa sallim, and make us as one.
O Allah send Your blessings and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.

Oh Allah, I seek sakinah, prosperity, security and success in this Dunya and Akhirat. And i seek to lead a life that lead to Paradise and protects me and true Muslims from Hell Fire. And I seek refuge as well as for brothers and sisters of the Deen from the evil insnuation of Satan until the next Ramadhan. And i seek Your Guidance, Ya Allah, to guide us to the Path of Submission to Your Will and a productive life that brings benefits and peace not only to myself but the rest of humanity, just as you have guided those before us. And O Allah, grant us knowledge that benefits us, the never-ending sustainance which would ease our worship toward you, and accept our actions and deeds.

O Allah bless this Ummah, bless our sisters in finding the best of husbands, bless my brothers in finding the best of wives. O Allah Please grant me and all the Ummah of Muhammad sala allahu alihi waslam halal rizq- permissible income. And protect us from debt and misery. Ward of all evil, and give us success in this life and the hereafter. O ALLAH! Please make me an obedient son of my parents and provide me a good job so that I can give lots of happiness to my parents.

O Allah help our New Muslim Brothers and Sisters, Protect them and help them. Teach them from your knowledge O You who have knowledge of everything, provide them You our only provider. O Allah make them steadfast with their Iman. Make me and the rest of this Ummah help with their needs.

************************************Am… Ameen Ameen*********************

i wish i were 5

Friday, October 1, 2010

Update tunang stuff

1. Bought hantaran's perfume set at Sogo Clearance Sale. Its Etienne Aigner, memang sangat sangat sangat murah. 100ml EDT with 200ml hair n body gel wash, plus miniature. If you are a fan of Aigner, Prada, Carolina Herrera 212, Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet, Insolance Guerlain, Paco Rabanne BlackXS, Burberry The Beat, Davidoff Cool Water Happy Game Summer..then scoot over to Sogo level 7 up till 3rd of October.

siap letak atas dulang hantaran..Sorry gambar gelap. Oh dulang hantaran dah ambil

2. Booked flowers from florist. Wah mula2 taknak hand bouquet, ni mengada nak pula. pastu tnya bunga melur panjang2 tu, only 60cent per string so i nak juga. Inspired from nawal ni..order 30 string..mcm banyak la pula. Then order carnation 10 stalk. 1 stalk rm2.Each stalk aci tu cakap ada 12 carnation's??? so will be 120's carnation la kan..Gonna use for hantaran deco, hand bouquet n deco2 skit. Nasib baik tak pergi tempat jauh2 sebab only kt Semenyih pn dah ada florist yg murah. The kedai..or should i say stall tu mmg mcm kedai aci jual bunga biasa je tp cakap je bunga apa, ada je. Roses n chrysanthemum only rm1.50 per stalk.
3. Baju belum habis jahit lace. Veil dah siap, only to jahit manik on top of my head part. tempah org ler.
Ok thats all..Boxes belum ambil dr Sha..emm kena msg her.

ps: Still haven't heard from him for a darn 3 days...I think im getting used to this..U taught me well, honey.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pelamin tunang 2010

title mcm nak buat artikel dlm majalah pesona pengantin.

Last night pergi rumah my couzin yang sudah kahwin last year June n dapat anak dah pun. So she ask about my e-day preps..and tanya ape trends pelamin tunang tahun ni...Honestly, i have no idea about trend pelamin tunang...Kalau tnya pelamin sanding maybe boleh jawab roman pillar..kerawang kayu ala2 rass deco..hurm ape ye lagi..So i google-ed fews...

from ZZ

pelamin tunang Nawal

Pelamin tunang Jimmy Shanley

Pelamin tunang yaya

pelamin nikah Nawal

pelamin tunang from dinahalim

Google. xigt link

So...looking at these..i would say this years trend is puffy throw pillow letak atas pelamin. Sikit2 lah. And usage of bench/ottoman. And karpet bulu2.


Sogo sales

ps: are going to Sogo after work plus beli lace...cant get over contacts close to 48 hours. I found out that he went to work courses at Malim Nawar last 2 days with his colleague, left his phone on his car. The sad thing is he has no initiative to contact all.Whats wrong with pinjam his friends phone to text me or use public phone to call me. Did he forgot my number? Is it just me..or woman are just plain lunatic..

Oh..i had my menses too..Influence factor.Pfft this just a birhday is in Saturday.. perasan mode.:P

E-day invitation draft

This draft has been rejected by Ayah..reasons why
1. Me n him names innit.. Sooo xperlu. katanya. Sebab nak bagi kt kawan2 masjidnya.
2. Tak letak ada tahlil n doa selamat dalam invitation ni
3. No contact numbers

So im gonna browse over design yg cantikall over plus add all necessary info to be put innit.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You are the best thing that's ever been mine.

Do you believe it??

We're gonna make it soon.

ps: Where art thou..Close to 24 hours tak berhubung....Happy 100th post.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

scar scar go away

My hand conditions after the tragedy .Day 14th.
Hi my name is parut.
ps: Sarung cincin tgn kiri lah.
pps: Tgn mcm org tua.
ppps: Dah siap jahit veil..tapi mcm best jugak..hurmm...not perfect but perfectly me. Esok start program detox n slimming..Nak kurus skit for e-day n to surprise him. Jumpa him on e-day je.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crazy over DIY veil

This afternoon nak pergi TAR to cari tulle n border lace. Hurm hati bunga-bunga.

this length. ckupla for e-day

The DIY queen Faradiba was the first blogger yang i sedar buat this DIY. Cantik. Then Huda.

Sangat teringin to DIY sebab for nikah n reception, dah ambil skali dengan Abg Din, together with bajus. So inilah my chance to simpan memories e-day.

So gonna buy 1.5metres tulle, 3 metres border lace or any lace kt kedai bunga riben/perkahwinan, plus few metres to jahit along baju n lengan. Tak kira pn brapa m.

Also to cari toilettries yang mampu-milik for hantaran e-day, cari di KLCC. Thinking Mark n Spencer atau set perfume Liz Clairborne Curve below MYR150. Banyak makanan je hantaran, kasi la 1 item for him to pakai/birhday gift skali lah.

ps: Oh ye, decide to buat hantaran juga. hehe. apelah indecisive betul. Ini semua atas gesaan si dia. Will use my couzs bekas kayu n Fafa's gubahan. Recycle je.

pps: pelamin nikah Nawal sgt besttt....Melur/Jasmine dais. great idea. Once again Kak Haidar mmg ada magic touch. Macam nk buat je cmtu for e-day. heaha. berangan mmg best.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Raya card

I received a Raya greeting cards from an unexpected person..This arrived on the 7th of Syawal but making me smile smpai telinga sebab ini my only raya card ye...........


from WiraVisual, my OV(official videographer for w-day)

Bagus ye buat mcmni. Customer happy, vendor ingat customer. So thanks Abg Wira Hidayat. Lepas raya ni mst byk majlis WiraVisuals cover, so leh cuci mata tengok2 n berangan.

ps: Video brides Shaaira tu paling best.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Take Out Box

Ordered this for the e-day

from Sha

She's letting go this at lelong price + ribbon. So im happy. Ordered all available stock amount she have, will use the remaining for wedding.

Belum fikir ape tu put inside. nanti dah dapat this boleh fikir...hehe

Monday, September 20, 2010

E-day checklist

Suddenly decide to buat engagement... Checklist from Cik Belle

  1. Baju Tunang : Baju raya plain peach yang akan dialter to patch white lace on lengan and bawah baju.
  2. Veil/Tudung/Kasut: Veil to DIY guna border white lace yang sama mcm baju/sewa veil b2b yang cantik2. Tudung to beli plain awning tudung in peach. Kasut yang dah sedia ada.
  3. Makeup: Sudah aim. belum depo
  4. Photographer: Later discuss
  5. Mini pelamin + Stairs deco: DIY. Stairs deco boleh buat sikit2.
  6. Hand bouquet: DIY. Beli fresh flowers di Nilai/petaling street.
  7. Caterer+Canopy: Ayah uruskan. Caterer Annoi(saudara) dekat dgn rumah.
  8. Doorgift: TBC
  9. TQ Tag/ Sticker/ Ribbon to deco:
  10. Room deco: Tak perlu. because to be sarung cincin at pelamin.
  11. Dulang hantaran+Alas: No hantaran. Boleh gitu..cuba si dia dtg bawa cincin sahaja.

source : The star

cantik embroidery yg nampak mcm patch lace..nak buat design mcmni lah utk depan bawah baju kurung.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wedding checklist as at 19Sept10

Belum start pun buat checklist..tapi mem"book nye sudah begitu galak. belum ada rasa nak buat la sbb bnyak tak setel and belum copy checklist. Mungkin November ni kena tunang jugak. orang2 tua sudah bising.Plan awal xnak tunang..ish.

Yang dah setel booking

  • Videographer
  • Photographer
  • Bridal boutique
  • Dewan
Yang i rasa major thing belum setel
  • Legal stuff-borang, HIV, tempah tok kadi--kena buat lewat2 skit kan.So rileks dulu
  • Kursus kahwin belum pergi..Tak sure nak gi JB or KL tapi nak pergi berdua.
  • Favours belum fikir ape2
  • Majlis tandang langsung xda preps lg. hehe.
  • Caterer..macam minat Mutiara Catering..mcm nak book je jugak sbb next year mst naik harga. nak tggu pameran pengantin..alahai..bulan depan je. baiklah saya tunggu.
  • Hantaran yilek. 5 balas 7 sudah..
  • Baju nikah to tempah where...
  • disebabkan tangan maybe akan xcantik sbb kena air panas, kena cari henna designer yang best. hehe
  • Self-pampering session.urgh
  • To slim down kasi pinggang 26 wuw
Ok kot..8 bulan lg..

ps: Barang kemas, him nak beli kat Kedai Nyonya Jalan Dhoby JB. kata makciknye, turun temurun beli kat situ so macam nak keep the tradition la.Nyonya tu sihat je ek. Tokey kedai emas slalu pjg umur lah..Musnah impian nak beli kt Habib, K.M Oli Muhamed.....takpelah redha je.

Another items ticked: Reception package

Untuk tidak terlalu memfikir dan senang keje, sudah book Ruddin Nilai..Thehe.

Pakej termasuk:

Pelamin artificial flowers dewan ikut design seniri. Early January "11 baru discuss balik.

Walkway and red carpet

Baju reception bride n groom. Abg Din baik hati buat baju baru for groom at no additional cost. My bajus tak sure to buat baru or ape. Tggu la next year. Trends mst dah lain kot.

Full accesories for nikah n sanding-veil, headpiece, tudung, tanjak ke keris brooch semua tu tmasuk samping nikah (punya malas nak beli sndri) + bantal nikah+ kasut recep(kalau xberkenan, tak mahu la saya)

Bunga tangan-nikah n sanding fresh flowers. dah request roses for nikah n carnation for recep

Makeup nikah n sanding. dah tengok macam ok. Abg Din makeup Rozita Che Wan n Aleeza Kassim juge. Tapi uncertain nak amik MUA lelaki or wanita.

Tu je kot.

ps: try baju Kirana tak muat..urghh raya ni memang ah...padahal mmg dah gems

pps: I'd like to thank my dear fren fafa yang pushing me to look for an alternatives before i dah nak commit pakej kat butik X and masa flip tru majalah pengantin, nampak baju Ruddin Nilai, trus dia urge me to go to Abg Din's boutique. Esoknya trus i buat appointment.

Also to Yuna, her details/explanation/emails n excitement lg lahh buat i teruja.:)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Salam Syawal

After long holiday of raya. ..Seems like semua org pun bercuti blogging..Now back with wed preps kot...I takde mood because...

My hands melecur kena air panas...................

Oh menyampah dgn diri sendiri yg reckless. Masa kena air panas, the first thing fikir is kahwin n how to sarung cincin..Even before raya pun ada nampak entry one of the b2b xigt lah siapa..pesan to be careful during raya sebab nak kahwin kot..N now..mmg tak careful lah...urghhh...

Belum jumpa my bf lagi..dia tak tengok lg..My kulit dah digunting n sekarang nampak bare meat..Truly sedih. Lagi costing to beli supplements to heal scars..

A day before raya sempat book OP..

ps: on medical leave.isnin baru kerja...tmorow he's coming, pergi open house n ikut him to jb raya sana pula

Monday, September 6, 2010

Life. Love. Let Go

Last couple of days ternampak billboard to promote film Charlie St Cloud and terpampang Zac Efron's face. He's so.....manly

*Poster in Germans sebab this is the only poster yg exactly sama with the billboard's im mentioning about. Moose mesti paham kn.

Pose ni best to practice for outdoor photoshoot.

A glipse about the film: The romantic drama film is of Charlie St. Cloud's choice between keeping a promise he made to his brother, who died in a car accident, or going after the girl he loves.

Source from Wiki and Google Images

ps: terinspired from Kay's post.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ilham Lisa Creation, Ruddin Nilai, Deen Couture

Begitu banyak nama butik ni, i dont even know the correct one..So, Smlm I went there..sorang-sorang ok..begitu bersemangat lah nak tgok ape dia boleh offer. So distance butik ke rumah adalah 20km, boleh pecut laju2 15min dah sampai ikut highway LEKAS.hehe. Dapat tahu pasal butik ni from FB friends yg sebenarnya bukan friends pun, add dia sbb tgok mekap engagement sgt best. So sangat psychotic gi add and tanya2 butik ape dia hired.

Upon arriving, dah ada sorang b2b tgh bincang dengan Abg Din. So Abg Din quote me reasonable price, cuma extra Rm100 dari pakej yg i nak before kat Butik X. here some of what Abg Din he can offer me with my tight budget:

Pelamin Dewan--Any design.the best part boleh pilih roman pillar at no additional cost!
Baju bride and groom from designers--Man kajang/Kirana/Cosry
Full accessories for nikah and sanding-veil, tudung, crown,samping, train pjg semua
Alatan merenjis
Red carpet
Walkway 6x
Make up for nikah and sanding--The MUA will stay back until outdoor photoshoot!
Bantal nikah

All for MYR2xxx, for fresh flower pelamin add MYR500
* If ever grooms attire takde saiz, he'll make a new one, additional MYR150 or if nak both new attire, new design additional MYR600
* No trasportation charges sebab 20km away je kot.

Whereas Butik X provide these:
Pelamin dewan 3 panel or pergola
Baju bride n groom custom made new
Accesories without tudung and nikah accesories
Alatan merenjis
Red carpet
Walkway 6x
Makeup nikah n sanding (not sure MUA will stay back or not)
No bantal nikah

All less MYR100 than above package.

What d'ya think....

Update skit :Ni baju Abg Din n pelamin yg I suke