Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Takda mood


kena marah..xda mood..xda ade la satu...nak jimat lagi boleh lah gi tengok bridal butik seremban..dari rumah ke seremban 30mins je ......sama jarak nak pegi KL

jumpa serimanis. makeup boleh tahan.....


Ahad ni nak pegi Cameroon Highland dgn Aya n boyfy dia or pegi PD with my boyfy????

Monday, March 29, 2010



daily dosage#1

tetiba suka design ni

urmm nk buat combo pink n tiff xnak la smpai pelamin pun kena ikut tema dicopy dari Fb photog

this one deco pelamin macam Amy misunderstood n WLT.suke.simple.slassic...macam nak buat sendiri je pelamin kt dewan background putih nak cari kat mana...because the hall punya pentas agak besar..mesti la nk pelamin ke hadapan skit kena cari macam board tutup belakang..hurmmmmm

picture courtesy of FB and this

His side.

The price for Jb vendor were somewhat lower than Klang Valley...obviously la kan...

I found 990MYR for whole package pelamin, hiasan bilik, baju persalinan, mekap, meja makan beradap..i was it for real?...but i thinks its a bit outdated in terms of the trends....

My boyfriend has decided to use his brothers friends bridal not sure who but seeing the pelamin of his brother..macam agak ok..

and for catering pun using his brothers in law catering services...Hmm bagus jugak ada sedara mara with wedding thingy ni...

Tak payah aku susah2 survey untuk dia..

And i hope the budget would be lower than my reception...boleh save sikit for later life--house improvement/honeymoon.

ps : we decided not to get engaged..may be just before nikah sekejap je..hehe
pps : we're going to a short honeymoon after JB reception kat desaru je kot(for stress relieve and rest body) ..after that baru figure out pegi must be a beach!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Persiapan rumah

Last night i chit-chat with him....

So maybe next week he's checkin in the new house and kena beli few basic furniture sebab rumah tu memang tak ada apa apa except furnished wardrobe and kitchen cabinet.

I warn him to take me with him when he decided to buy the furniture because im very fussy freak about furniture. Takot he end up beli yang ntah ape ape... Once pernah gadoh sebab dia nk beli leather sofa.. I really like leather sofa sebab macam senang nak cuci, cuma kena extra care tapi taknak beli set 3+2+1..I want the couch only tapi dia nak beli set...end up gadoh..

I love the idea of white rustic house...dulu selalu berangan dgn my friend, Cheryl..Cheryl loves white combined with silver metalllic

fully utilized bedroom that looks super comfy

white rustic..i love the floor i dont know why

this is kinda mess but i love the fact that it is very airy..<3>

Saw this one alike at cavenzi...

love the simplicity

Ok habis berangan......

maybe for starters beli bed, couch and TV sahaja..yang lain akan menyusul after i moved in which is when?????cant wait to be ur housemate!!!harhar...

*fridge and washer xperlu sebab dia boleh basuh baju kat rumah kak long. makan pun selalu kat luar je

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

monogram he like

he loves this do i..but im trying to look around lagi....

Seeing this made me smile

I miss him so much

Pelamin di hati(for the time being)

ni wedding blogger Amy

wedding blogger Ashyla WLT

I really like the simplicity of it...The similarity? The curtain and the ottoman/chair.



Pagi tadi mimpi...

Baju sanding tak siap

Pergi butik, cari baju lain tapi baju ni je muat utk kitorg.....

Warghhhhhhhh tak mau la..........

Dah tengok pelamin sikit punya cantik..everything perfect except baju sanding tak ada.......

Nightmare sungguh...I almost cried....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Themed invitation

Di edit secara menggelis n verangan di weddingpaperdivas

Wedding playlist

After seeing the recommendation for wedding playlist from Xora's blog, i think i should have one too..and same with her, I dont like wedding song (reads pukullah tabuh, lagu kahwin melayu)..I know i know i wanna keep traditional element some but i just cant bear with it on my wedding day...Preety please...and I will keep updating my list here..( i personally love xora selection and list it down here but theres also some of the song i never heard)

1. Bagaikan Sakti- Siti Nurhaliza & M.Nasir
2. Cahaya Cinta- Siti Nurhaliza
3. Hujan keroncong- Adibah Noor
4. Nur kasih- Yassin
5. Permata untuk isteri- Kopratasa
6. 1234 - Plain white T
7. Ada Apa Dengan Cinta- Melly Goeslow ( this is our song when we 1st met)
8. Today was a fairytale - Taylor Swift
9. Everyday I love you - Boyzone
10. Sampai menutup mata - Acha Sepriatasa
11. And then you - Greg Laswell
12. You make it real-James Morrison
13. Take it slow-Estrella
14. Virginia Moon-Foo Fighters& Norah Jones
15. Honey bee-Zee Avi
16. Everything-Michael Buble
17. Love me tender- Elvis Presley
18. Heaven-Do (Slow version Piano)
19. You Got Me-Colbie caillat
20. You Found me-The Fray
21. Fly me to the Moon- Frank Sinatra
22. For the rest of my life, Barakallah-Maher Zain
23. Hello-by Glee cast Michele&Groff.original version by Lionel Ritchie

ps : nak dengar playlist xora..hehehe

Wedding Favors : Fridge magnet

I found this over the net...I think this is interesting..and fun and people are going to remember you forever (everyday opening a fridge and MUST see ur magnets) Hahahar

inspiration and source : zazzle

In Malaysia can order here : sweetxpression

ps : i asked few friends and they said its usable and unique...Not so gelis la.haha.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Colour theme majlis walimah(suka ayat ni)..

he went down to KL for few days..Ade kursus...I had a good time...

For his side, he said it must be carbon colour-grey silver...obviously

My side...either off white champange tiff blue or pink tiff blue( tetiba rasa 2nd thought)

Already let him see the wedding material..He seems ok...*relief*

I only bought 100pcs pouch for VIPs, then he said " Nape xbeli byk2..ok la pouch ni"

Oh belah dia nanti, dia nak beli pudding cocon besar tu...suke2...masa dapat kat majlis mana tah, terus makan...memang xbazir, yummy, senang.

i suke jenama cocon sebab sedap...

p/s : tengok candybar kat blog belle, urghhh nak nk buat limited lah..panggil 1000 org..matik aku...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Table setting yang meruntun jiwa

I love the idea of an English wedding...using long table setting....

gosh table setting ni susah nak dapat kot..10 orang 1 meja..square.tu macam ikea chair je..

haaa ni table setting comel..tapi serabutla byk element

xsilap ni david tutera...niceeeee..bayangkan ni tiff blue....gah

ni sukaa tapi kalau utk 1000 guest??matik..dengan bunga, pot candles

argh ni mmg terbaik tapi sorang 1 bunga??cute kasut brides..oxford
ni ada element yang nak diterapkan...tiff blue (tapi ni terang sgt) and parasols..tapi knapa cam xberapa menarik

cute..macam kat hotel je.skip2...over budget

Meja bulat ...emm skip2

ps : Sebenarnya sangat terpengaruh dengan Davis Tutera..did I mentioned him before??nahhh..ok nanti nak buat post khas me..he's second to Martha Stewart

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Berapa banyak blue da

Tiffany blue satu..lagi satu macam suke robin egg sama je..ah pening lah

ni tiffany blue

ni robin egg blue

My color combo (maybe) for reception

sneak peek

haihhh I read over Dina Halim blog about this color combo= fuschia and tiffany blue..Sebenarnya xda intention langsung nak color combo ni tapi dah terbeli kain kat bandung sekali family semua...soo here we go

baju bridesmaid leh jadi camni...

ni kain yang di beli di bandung..kedai CItra...I heart the pink french lace so much..terus beli..hehaha..Tiff blue yang xberapa tiffany tu untuk family...terang sangat la warna dia tp lantak la kan....

comel gile

kalau dapat table camni kan bess

ni bridesmaid/family..rasanya baik bridesmaid pakai off white n tiff blue wrap ribbon kat waist

urgghhh santekkk..tetibe rasa nak buat table panjang

ni invitation card

ps: Sbnarnya nak sgt silver off white..Tetibe nak baju baju kebaya off white pulak..Urgghh kena gi Jakel la pula

pps : teringat David Tutera party planner

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wedding parasols and umbrella

personalised monogram parasol

Decorating for a wedding can be costly and challenging, so i was inspired by Beautiful and bright with some ideas of using parasols and umbrella or I used to called it payung kertas. Before this I always adore payung kertas deco as seen at Old Town Bangsar South

There's an option of using paper, lace or silk material parasol. I was thinking of hanging it as seen at Old Town. its classic.. in line with my initial idea of having traditional wedding...Butttt since im so lured into martha stewart and seeing other b2b with modern colours and stuff...and plus point i bought all-french lace during Bandung shopping-obviously theres no traditional if i add in french lace kan...soooo i was thinking of doing a modern-traditional...lantak la..hehehe

The colour

My nephew n niece playing with paper umbrella at Kellie's Castle

Old Town White Coffee Bangsar South

picture from

The price around $7-12 online can I have these around KL...hurmm

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inspired dress

Ok I just got back from bandung....later i update but first...I watched Lipstick Jungle yesterday and saw this

Its Victory Ford dresses...chic, simple, elegant.. You need to watch "Lipstick Jungle season 2 chapter 14 : Let the games begin" to have a full look on it..the length Vic wear is short so i thought of making it long. Nice..I need chiffon off white