Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fafa's Engagement Day

Oh ini adalah cerita lama tapi nak blog about jugak...

My dear friend Fafa got engaged on the 5th of June at her parents house Pandan Jaya. I oversee all of her preps from buying the fabric to the cincin all lah even tho i dont contribute much. She kept on saying im her wedding planner.. Yah rightt...Sekarang ni takda mood kawen kawen. Mood rumah-rumah pulak.Advance ok.

This is her. I simply love the shot. Considering it was shoot by me.ha ha ha.

The real her. makeup by Fiza. Good eyebrow trimming but i think gotta put more shading.Ntahla im not an expert. Im expecting Fafa will have a total makeover.

The back of the dress. Dress made by Tukang jahit area Keramat. its a pakcik. Great fitting. RM200 workmanship.

More details of the bajus

Mr & Mrs Fiancee

Us all.We look happy yippie yay

The food??Sedappp sangat ok. Lauk banyak. Daging 2 jenis masak. Ada sup kambing lagi. Ade dessert bar lg consist of Choc muffin, putu piring versi perak, jelly cocon..dah lupa dah. caterer dia Nur Catering kot

CONGRATTTS Kak Pah. I honestly happy for you...

Dahla pindah Tawau lepas kawin.Huhhhhhhh..Sib baik aku pun nak pindah JB.

Our LCD tv

he called just now sebab nak beli TV untuk rumah Kempas. he's drooling over White LCD. Plus harini ada promo 32 inch for RM1499. Harini jugak dia pergi..Ok at least bergerak jugak la progressment untuk rumah.

Ni kot rupa paras tv tu..Tapi bukan Full HD. Terpikat sebab warna putih.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A lil update


Hi readers (if any)...Sorry for the long hiatus. I've been admitted to ward due to dengue. I hate dengue. My friends start calling me Dengue Girl..

I always wanted to stay in a ward as patient. I know its a weird wish. And I did..And turns out the experience not to be so good. The nurses wake me up very often at night to check my BP and tempt. They injected a very excruciating meds inside my vein, i vomit and the ward well....tak best. because its a government hospital. I dont have insurance so..i had to deal with it. he he..So now i starts collecting info about insurance coverage..Thehe .I had a feeling i might be admitted again.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ni baru namanya arch

This one is the pelamin..Suka konsep ala gazebo ni..boleh buat arch mcmni juga

pic credit to cactustajam

Walkway..either ini or pomanders walkway

Ha....mau mcmni
Jumpa dalam FB D'ratu bridal...:)

ps: I love pelamin yg guna byk fabric flowy flowy

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fovors untuk tetamu..lagi

Rasanya dah banyak post tentang favors..

Everytime google google or tgok majlis orang..idea ligat tukar jugak..Haha.selagi tak tau kawin bila........

Dulu i was thinking chocolate-Ferrero Rocher or Kinder Bueno.

Then last night nampak favors my fren, Shik dapat from her couz..was an Apple.A green apple.Wrapped in a net and ribbon.its simple, hassle-freee plus..its healthy!

it would be very good if i could convey good message, benefit their body..not fattening..i would be more loved right? :P

tak jumpa gambar fresh apple for wedding favors..pfft

This one dah celup caramel..terus tak healthy tau

Comel letak dlm Chinese take-out box ini

ps: Dulu my Aunt n Paksu kahwin during 90's-2000 kasi Red Apple Fuji utk guest.Wrapped dgn transparent plastic je. Mmg mudah.