Monday, April 5, 2010


Why do people got excited about these whole thing?…Here in this blogs most of it are weddings(that’s why its called wedding dreams n ideas), I talk less about marriage..I had a lot of thinking lately because im so stressed out about almost life, my job, my passion. Honestly I believe that marriage will make me a better person in terms of personality, commitment, financial and family bond. My dad had a dream about my late mak. He never dreams anything since mak gone, but he did last 2 days ago. And it involves me..mak ask me to go to Golok with her..Golok? My first thought : Golok is the place known for a couple to kahwin lari. And then there’s a bomb blast. My father thinks that maybe we should sedekah to the needy out there. Well mimpi mainan tidur but there’s also a saying that a dream is the pointer of certain things especially if it involves the deceased.

I wanna get married almost immediately but we’re working on the money part.. I wish for a simple wedding but simple can comes to 20k.

I did some calculation and I can cut some part I think not necessary-gamelan and dancers. And I survey online banyak wedding boutique can quote lower price and I can do a lot of DIY..I can make full use of tissue to be a carnation flower (to be the table setting deco) as seen in DIY pomanders..

Oh I went to Nilai last Saturday looking for my cousin akikah’s favours. My aunt bought a white cup with the packaging rm1/piece..I post the pic when I have time. I also found a glass bowl and containers for candy buffet price from rm29-rm80( size varies)

Thought of the day:

Dari Abu Hurairah dari Rasulullah, bahwa Beliau bersabda Diangkat dari seorang mayat setelah meninggalnya darjatnya, lalu dia berkata, wahai Rabbku, apa ini, maka dijawab pertanyaannya, anakmu telah memintakan ampun untukmu.

Kedua orang tua diangkat darjatnya oleh Allah setelah mereka meninggal dengan doa permohonan ampun oleh anaknya.

permintaan ampun dan doa seorang anak yang soleh bermanfaat bagi orang tuanya, disebutkan dalam hadits ini bahawa Allah mengangkat darjat kedua orang tua kerana anaknya telah memintakan ampun untuk mereka. Jadi bukan bererti seorang anak ketika kedua orang tuanya telah meninggal maka dia tidak mengerjakan birrul walidain, akan tetapi berbuat baik kepada kedua orang tua tidak terbatas hanya dalam masa hidupnya, tapi juga setelah meninggalnya. Diantara hal tersebut adalah denganmendoakannya, memintakan ampun baginya.

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