Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fovors untuk tetamu..lagi

Rasanya dah banyak post tentang favors..

Everytime google google or tgok majlis orang..idea ligat tukar jugak..Haha.selagi tak tau kawin bila........

Dulu i was thinking chocolate-Ferrero Rocher or Kinder Bueno.

Then last night nampak favors my fren, Shik dapat from her couz..was an Apple.A green apple.Wrapped in a net and ribbon.its simple, hassle-freee plus..its healthy!

it would be very good if i could convey good message, benefit their body..not fattening..i would be more loved right? :P

tak jumpa gambar fresh apple for wedding favors..pfft

This one dah celup caramel..terus tak healthy tau

Comel letak dlm Chinese take-out box ini

ps: Dulu my Aunt n Paksu kahwin during 90's-2000 kasi Red Apple Fuji utk guest.Wrapped dgn transparent plastic je. Mmg mudah.

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kay kamal said...

but me loves caramelised apples~ yum!