Friday, May 21, 2010


I am currently at Brunei..job related..And oh i apply 3 government related jobs before i took off..Lembaga Urus Air Selangor, FRIM and UPM. I've just wanted to finish something. I took things easily most of the time.

I think marriage will come a bit later..because of the house thingy.

And we're a bit tight also..

I hate it but have to accept it.

No rezeki yet.

ps: Story of converts really moves me. Its amazing how they could see the beauty of Islam..I saw Forum perdana hal ehwal islam last night, 3 lil kids gives speech..they are amazing.I want my kids to be like that.


NahWaL said...

shamirah was so cute right! and the other girl was so cute also! santek sangat! muke bersih. ah the innocence of a child.

u apply upm meh? what post?

nuptiles said...

nahwal,yes...suci je masing2..sejuk mata tengok kan

UPM i apply Pegawai Sains.Saje cuba2..i hope they got my application, tkot xsampai je post tu..hehe.u apply jgk ke