Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Handbags and shoes for hantaran

I havent done my hantaran hunting, just wanna share what criteria d'ya choose your hantaran item especially handbag/shoes.

Dulu i saw dulang hantaran kasut and i set my mind that i want only shoes, no handbag..but come to think about it again since my hantaran inshaAllah only 7 dulang, then i might put handbag with shoes sekali.

For me whats important is, it is wearable and affordable to his pocket lah and i always love something that is uncommon.

Bonia, Sembonia, Guess, xoxo, roxy,puma or anything can find at retail store would not be my fav. Bukannye berlagak ke ape, its just i love uncommon thing.

LV,Gucci, Prada,Burberry, Cole Haan, Tods, Hermes, Chanel, Chloe,Fendi,Coach, YSL, Lulu Guiness-i'd love to have but i cant afford it obviously

Charles & Keith, Marc Jacob, Nine West- i love and maybe i can afford.

Vic with her Hermes Birkin the IT bag.

ps: Perfume Lanvin bau best!!Tapi "Escada desire me" always been my fav. Juicy Couture Viva pun best tp Miss Sixty pun bau sama je. Bebe pun best, tapi macam childish utk buat hantaran??Haha i love perfume counter. CK couple set only Myr497 kat Sogo, dapat travelling bag lagiiii!!


amElyn said...

this entree is sooo nyummy!!!
cant wait for hunting the barang hantaran! =)

zuliana_me said...

OMG. i love the golden bag... I'd like to have one. but would i wear it if i have it? Ermm..

nuptiles said...

amelyn: hehe nyummy ye..and money-draining...yah hantaran hunting best kan.mcm byk duit je beli barang2

zu: yah buy something wearable.hermes birkin ni 10ribu kot.tp mmg gila overprice n ada queue utk beli.dulu la.skrg taktau la