Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nak kahwin ke tak nak?

Sometimes i had my meltdown dengan boyfriend. Seeing him earned more than me makes me a little envy. I know i shouldnt. And knowing he want to buy something i want is more envioussssss...

or this

With either of these, i know a way to spend it on my pelamin package la honey.

ps: guys are sooo gila gadget.


zuliana_me said...

pejai x giler gadget. Does this make him gay? No, he's not.. One thing for sure is lotsa gays like him. LOL..

nuptiles said...

Dont overthink zu.A guy that doesnt like gadgets is definitely not means that he's gay.Theres a million reason why some guys dont like gadgets..i think they're reasonable kind of people. n i love that.they not relying on gadgets to show him what he really is.
oh my..aku dah ramblings byk.
pejai is gay-attractive. yes if im a gay guy, i wud fall for him.