Friday, July 30, 2010


Pagi td i went to an interview and it was the worstttttttt interview ever by me. I cant believe i actually did that...End.

Tiba-tiba teringat arwah mak pernah teman pergi interview kat Nilai. She wait for me at the cafe while i've been interviewed. She really hope i got the job(because dekat dgn Nilai 3, hehe) but i didnt because the employer want an experienced candidates whilst im a fresh graduates at that time.

3 more days..birthday arwah mak. I really miss her.Last year we get to spend time together even tho you are not so well.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Handbags and shoes for hantaran

I havent done my hantaran hunting, just wanna share what criteria d'ya choose your hantaran item especially handbag/shoes.

Dulu i saw dulang hantaran kasut and i set my mind that i want only shoes, no handbag..but come to think about it again since my hantaran inshaAllah only 7 dulang, then i might put handbag with shoes sekali.

For me whats important is, it is wearable and affordable to his pocket lah and i always love something that is uncommon.

Bonia, Sembonia, Guess, xoxo, roxy,puma or anything can find at retail store would not be my fav. Bukannye berlagak ke ape, its just i love uncommon thing.

LV,Gucci, Prada,Burberry, Cole Haan, Tods, Hermes, Chanel, Chloe,Fendi,Coach, YSL, Lulu Guiness-i'd love to have but i cant afford it obviously

Charles & Keith, Marc Jacob, Nine West- i love and maybe i can afford.

Vic with her Hermes Birkin the IT bag.

ps: Perfume Lanvin bau best!!Tapi "Escada desire me" always been my fav. Juicy Couture Viva pun best tp Miss Sixty pun bau sama je. Bebe pun best, tapi macam childish utk buat hantaran??Haha i love perfume counter. CK couple set only Myr497 kat Sogo, dapat travelling bag lagiiii!!

Nak kahwin ke tak nak?

Sometimes i had my meltdown dengan boyfriend. Seeing him earned more than me makes me a little envy. I know i shouldnt. And knowing he want to buy something i want is more envioussssss...

or this

With either of these, i know a way to spend it on my pelamin package la honey.

ps: guys are sooo gila gadget.

Sales everywhere...

Oh ade banyak sales if you peek into shoppingnsales

Below ada sales utk wedding favors but this shop are more to Chinese wedding kot but can go look also

Location (Tel 603 9010 5880)

37-2 Jalan Temenggung 3/9

Bandar Mahkota Cheras

43200 Cheras

Selangor, Malaysia

this one warehouse sales.

ps: Most of warehouse sales i've been to...the experience not so good. Got Estee Lauder staff sale nanti, I asked Estee Lauder SA at Sogo dia cakap most of the items dah nak expire, thats why murah. If nak pergi kena pick up tixs kat Estee lauder MidValley.

pps: Oh last Saturday pergi Sogo try perfume Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy.. Oh its soooo me!!-Perasan-. I mean... i used the similar scent before that is Miss Sixty, bau seakan-akan. SA dia best sebab its a she-man. I suka layan she-man.hehe

Takda mood kawin, mood nak organize wedding shower

My friend Fafa nak kahwin 27 November ni so im planning buat bridal shower…cum gathering.Below details dia saje nak letak sini.Hehe



Port Dickson, seaside, BBQ-friendly, apartment. Possible location

i) Rumah Peranginan TNB

ii) Ilham Resort


Greek Goddess-white attire (please prepare) with laura leaf garland headpiece (provided) in which will be wear on Sunday morning.

Proposed itinerary


1.00pm : Depart from KL

3.00pm : Arrive at PD, check in condo

3.30pm : Lunch and free and easy.

4.30pm : Swimming at the pool, walk around condo

6.00pm : Getting ready for bridal shower deco and such

7.30pm : BBQ start

8.30pm : Bridal shower

11.00pm : Karaoke/ Horror movie session

12.00pm : Off to bed


8.00pm : Breakfast

9.00pm : Beach activities-swimming, banana boat

11.00pm : Photo-shooting by the beach

12.00pm : Check out, lunch and off to KL


Each participant will receive a favors which will be decided later


Activities will be take place during BBQ time. Below are some games worth considering:

9.1 Bride and groom trivia: A few piece of question in a paper about bride and groom that the participants have to answer.

9.2 Recipe share: Each guest should arrive with a recipe to give to the bride, paste it in a scrapbook (a spiral bound A4 scrapbook will be provided). It is a great way to introduce the bride-to-be to some new recipes to make after they are married!

9.3 Remember me: Each participant must bring ONE item that reminds them of the bride, and then paste it in a scrapbook during bridal shower. Write some caption/story with it. The scrapbook will be passed to bride as her keepsake.

9.4 Ready in dark: Prepare 1 bag of attire and makeup, ask the bride to dress it and make up while her eyes is blindfolded. Let her imagine if her first night went wrong with power supply cut out. Took a picture of her best look!

9.5 Video memory: Video playback of the memories of the entire guest.

9.6 Photo shooting: As we’re not going to hire photographer, a tripod will be used to photograph us by the beach. This is the climax of the event.

9.7 Toilet paper dress: Break guest into teams and had to make a toilet paper dress that resembles a true wedding dress complete with veil, headpiece, wedding ring. At the end, the bride will choose the winner.

9.8 Think Fast: Everyone sits in a circle. The bride begins the game by throwing a flower to someone. While attempting to catch it, she must name something found in the wedding ceremony (i.e. flowers, tok kadi, and camera). Once the flower is caught, it is quickly tossed to someone else who must name something. If she cannot answer quickly enough, that person is out of the game. Play until one person is left!

9.9 Mystery Spice: Before the shower, take the labels off of 10 spice jars and number them. Pass the spices around and have the guests guess what they are by sight and smell – but no tasting! The guest with the most correct answers wins! The game could be re-create about drinks also.

9.10 Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt: This activity actually takes place inside the guest’s purses! Make a list of items and assign a point system to each item. For example, 20 points for – dental floss, RM100 bill, or nail polish remover; 10 points for tweezers, rubber band, or shopping list; 5 points for pen, comb, or photos. Set a timer for 4 minutes and have the guests see how many of the items they can find in their purse. The person with the most points wins!

9.11 Name That Advice: Go around the room and have the guests give the bride a piece of advice on marriage. The fun part of this is that the advice must be something that starts with the first letter of their name. For example, Juan could tell the bride that “Jell-O is easy to make for a quick meal!,” or Leya could tell the bride to “Love him every moment.” At the end of this game, you could, as a group, award the bride with a scrapbook with the advice given.

9.12 Bride’s Spa: We’ll do special spa to the bride. Rub her body with scrubs, do her facial, trim her nails, wash her hair to pamper herself up.

Other Consideration

10.1 A boutonnière will be provided to each participant, used during bridal shower

10.2 A special print t-shirt will be issue and put on during bridal shower.

The theme: Greek Goddesssss

takpayah pakai toga pun xpe
inspiration board for greek-theme party-white n gold

laura leaf headpiece boleh DIY

both baju macam ni best la

picture from:

oh i alredy email the t-shirt maker. Sangat easy n murah ok. No minimum order tapi kena pickup sendiri and boleh calculate per piece berapa here dreamshocker located at Seri Kembangan. Others macam bikintshirt and rockhestra pun ada.

ps: Houze Depot baru buka di Jalan TAR. Yay. I love DIY-tools-hardware-home improvement shops.entahlah kenapa.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peringatan sesama muslim-Malam Nisfu Syaaban

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

Untuk makluman…sekadar ingat & mengingatkan. .!

Malam Nisfu Sya'aban 1431H akan tiba pada hari Isnin (26hb.Julai 2010) malam Selasa ( sebaik saja masuk maghrib), dimana bermulanya 15 Sya'aban 1431H.

Oleh itu, marilah kita sama-sama mengambil masa keemasan ini untuk menutup catatan amal ibadah kita kpd Allah dengan baik dan seterusnya berazam untuk memperbaiki diri kita untuk catatan yang baru. Riwayat yang muktabar menyatakan Hari Nisfu Sya'aban adalah hari dimana buku catatan amalan kita selama setahun diangkat ke langit dan diganti dengan buku catatan yang baru.

Berikut adalah antara amal ibadah yang digalakkan di hari Nisfu Sya'aban:

1. Selepas solat maghrib (15 Sya'aban 1431H, Isnin malam Selasa)

Solat sunat nisfu sya'aban, 2 rakaat

Rakaat 1 : baca Al-Fatihah & surah Al-Qadar 1x

Rakaat 2 : baca Al-Fatihah & surah Al-Ikhlas 3x

2. Membaca Yasin 3x selepas solat Maghrib(15 Sya'aban 1431H, Isnin malam Selasa)

i) Selepas Yasin pertama : mohon dipanjangkan umur untuk beribadat kepada Allah

ii) Selepas Yasin kedua : mohon rezeki yang halal untuk beribadat kepada Allah

iii) Selepas Yasin ketiga : mohon ditetapkan iman dan Islam & mati di dalam iman &

pohonlah segala yang baik dan munafaat.

Kemudian baca Istighfar 11x & selawat 11x

Baca doa Nisfu Sya'aban (ada didalam Yasin Majmuk)

3. Baca surah al-Ikhlas 1000x

4. Berpuasa pada siangnya

Abul Khair Al Talaqaani r.a. mengira nama2 malam Nisfu Syaaban sebanyak 22.

Antaranya yg termasyhur adalah:

1. Malam Dimustajabkan Doa

2. Malam Pembahagian Takdir

3. Malam Rahmat

4. Malam Berkat

5. Malam Pengampunan (Taubat)

6. Malam Penebusan

7. Malam Syafaat

8. Malam Penulisan

9. Malam Keagungan dan Kemuliaan

10. Malam Rezeki

11. Malam Hari Raya Para Malaikat

12. Malam Penghidupan

Antara kelebihan bulan Sya'aban:

1. Sesiapa berpuasa sehari dalam bulan Sya'aban maka Allah haramkan tubuhnya dari api neraka dan dia akan menjadi teman kpd nabi Allah Yusof d ida lam syurga.

2. Riwayat dari Osman Bin Abi Al-As, Sabda Nabi Muhammad (saw)

: pada malam nisfu sya'aban setelah berlalu 1/3 malamnya, Allah turun ke langit dunia lalu berfirman : adakah orang-orang yang meminta maka Aku perkenankan permintannya, adakah orang yang meminta ampun maka aku ampunkannya, adakah orang yang bertaubat maka aku terima taubatnya dan diampunkan semua orang mukmin lelaki & perempuan , melainkan orang yang berz ina atau orang yang berdendam marah hatinya kepada saudaranya.
Sebaik-baiknya minta ampun dengan ibubapa sebelum hari nisfu sya'aban kerana amalan kita akan terhalang dari diangkat ke langit sekiranya kita derhaka/berdosa dengan ibubapa kita.



received from an email

Rainbow cake.

Nak wedding cake like this....Buat 2, 3 tier sudah la.Luar letak icing cream frost macam messy-messy pun suka.Pastu cucuk la monogram kawin on top.This is like whoa..pengantin mesti tak sempat makan..uhh benci tau.

ps: Dulu tak suka wedding cake.
pps: Googe images dah lain.Lajuu je keluar gambar.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Buffet buffet best

Last time drooling over ice cream buffet, while checkin out blog Sarah, jumpa post about dessert buffet and link to AmyAtlas website. Best bombshell oh-la-la punya design.

This one paling best sebab pancake bar..Oh inspired by film 500 days of summer.Link xingat la.

Light of love

Dengar lagu ni macam nak nangis je. Mau lagu ni masa wedding. Dah masuk playlist. Thanks to xora yang share playlistnya.

Cahaya Cinta” Siti Nurhaliza

Dia telah telah menentukannya
Dita bertemu dan bercinta
Inilah oh takdirnya
Bukan kerana harta
Inilah citra cahaya cinta

Pintu hatiku telah kau buka
Tak mampu ku menafikannya
Kejujuran diberi
Kasih datang terhenti
Ini bahagia yang ku cari

Sayangi daku
Peluklah daku
Janji dengan ku
Semai cinta nan satu

Tuhan memuji
Takkan berhenti
Hanya ku pinta
Sama setia menjaga
Hingga ke alam syurga

Download this song

ps: tak pernah pun suka gile lagu Siti.This is a good one. Dia yg compose, xsilap.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pelamin fabrik

Saya paling suka pelamin guna banyak fabrik. Especially fabric putih..Takperlu panel2..nak fabrik banyak biar nampak flowy, dreamy, added soft touch to the pelamin and baju pengantin biar coloured...Uhhh macam post sebelum ni ttg pelamin cactustajam yang byk fabrik tu..suka and ade mcm gazebo sikit. Before this pernah tengok kat blog newlywed..Ohhhh jatuh hati gila...

Dengan lightning yang betul, pelamin jadi cantik

Outdoor pelamin..But I really really adore it..macam simple je

picture courtesy of newlywedsbigday