Friday, May 21, 2010


I am currently at Brunei..job related..And oh i apply 3 government related jobs before i took off..Lembaga Urus Air Selangor, FRIM and UPM. I've just wanted to finish something. I took things easily most of the time.

I think marriage will come a bit later..because of the house thingy.

And we're a bit tight also..

I hate it but have to accept it.

No rezeki yet.

ps: Story of converts really moves me. Its amazing how they could see the beauty of Islam..I saw Forum perdana hal ehwal islam last night, 3 lil kids gives speech..they are amazing.I want my kids to be like that.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My only mak

I know i missed the date already but..where ever u are now, I LOVE you like I cannot describe..You are everything to me.

I find it hard for me to talk about mom in writing because every time i did, I feel helpless. There's no other idea to describe how i miss her. It has been 5 month.

Im not sure what my condition is..because i still feel her by my side.She's here.When I went home, and find no one inside I thought" Yah, she's away to langkawi or She's gone to Kelantan with paksu" just to make me feel better. Then everything gonna be alright.

Then when i woke up in the morning and find me with ayah only, I programmed my mind that she just jalan2 to her friends house, bayar duit kutu or went to clinic . Thats why la she's away.

During the days at PPUM when i take care of her, I cried a LOT. Like everytime after solat especially Maghrib, my tears just wont stop pouring. Or during the night, buat solat sunat at surau PPUM, I would cry by myself..I dont want her to see me crying.Because i dont want her to see some sort of weaknesses. I want her to fight the disease. Cheers to life.

That Tuesday morning, I hope she's gonna make it. I slept at the bench outside the ward because my 2 brother already at her bedside. She want me to take her wudu' for Subuh. Its nearly 7am, but I just do it somehow.Im glad i did.

at 12pm, the meds team so-called wanted to put on ventilator to my mom because she's getting hard to breath.They need time to let the meds works. I truly are puzzled. I dont want her to end up in ventilator.

She survived after the ventilator insertion but at 7-8pm she become critical. I was heartbroken to see her..I called n shout to the nurse every time because her BP becoming lower n lower and its not good. The doctor did CPR-its the last shot.I couldnt stand it.I couldnt see her like that.I cry and cry...I couldnt stop crying. Then i leave the scene, i took wudhu' and pray Maghrib..I seek for Allah's kindness to help my mother and please let me go through this very well..Please please..after the solat, i got this overwhelm "ketabahan hati"..I went to her bedside and recite Yasin and quote Allah all the time to her ears..Jika ini ketentuanMu, bawa ibu aku pergi dalam iman, bawa dia pergi dalam islam.

She passed away at 9.17pm officially. I still hold on, I didnt cry.Not a sigle tears comes out. It held on for a past few days, I still cant cry..I dont know what happen to me..

al-fatihah to my mother..You are the greatest person on earth but I know Allah loves you more. And i know you were there peacefully, inshaAllah.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers

I dont think I will be marrying to him if mom still here..I want to take good care of her. I never has intention to be married AT ALL before. This thing stroke to me right after my mom went away last December.

Im gonna be a great wife as u did to Ayah, insyaAllah

Home sweet home pt.2

Ok berangan time...............

For starters, item kena ada

1) LCD tv + dvd player

2) Tv cabinet

3) Coffee table

4) Nice couch

5) Dining table 4-6pc

6) 2 set of bedframe.1 for master bedroom, 1 for guest room. Wardrobe xpayah sebab dah readily furnished.Oh +bedside table

i love the irrelevant, akward looking bed frame

7) Washing machine
for real

got eh like this...

8) Fridge.(org johor panggil ice-box or aisbox somthing)
be real

ini tak mampu


9) Dapur gas. Cabinet dah full furnished.

induction cooker lebih best

feeling desperate housewives

Ok tu je..for starters.Yang lain2 tambah sikit2 later

Last Sunday pergi Cavenzi Kajang tengok tv cabinet sebab tengok kat newspaper ads murah, so jalan2 la tengok. nak tengok kat Westcourt tapi malas sebab jauh kat Balakong tu.Wescourt ada tv cabinet white furnished ade drawer rm99 not include salivating kejap..

I put a deposit on that rm88 tv cabinet + transportation rm60=rm148.duhh.tapi ok la lagi.the SA cakap normal price rm399.Yo lah tuu.Deposit only 30%, so bayar rm50 je.That item takde stok so next 2 weeks baru dia deliver kat rumah..

Takda display, terus bayar..macam xpecaya je mula2 sebab even display dia xda??Ape ni kan..Tapi otak dah nak. ha ha. I tried the leather recliner sofa, bestnyeeee..harga pun xmahal.

Dah cakap kat boyfy nanti survey2..dia nak Rustica je but saya seorang yang cheapskate sikit.Cant help it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Major Crack to my face

My first experience being makeup by professional MUA

Ni last year.Me n lily at Nurul Shukor Touch boutique after the dia ok, tak cakey, long lasting..balik pukul 11 mlm pun steady lagi. Makeup by Zaiton if im not mistaken. I tak trim kening pun and hope utk wedding pun xpayah trim kening.I love my eyebrow. ha ha.

My friend lily now enroll class make up with Saidatulnisa--tgok kat Fb dia..nanti kena tnya rate dia lah.

ps: My sister wanted to make me up..urgh xnak la..biarla dia sibuk2 benda lain.

pss: My boyfy tengah kursus kat Ilsas for a whole week.Suka :))

Reception gear

Buckle up, press the clutch, put on gear one and gooo....Oh shift the gear when the rpm exceed n making such loud noise

Yah i drove a manual vintaj eh..haha.padahal.....

Yesterday I bought Cosmopolitan because they have this special bride edition..I kinda fall for hatta dolmat dresses..all while i think what I love is the embellishment..I always love empire dresses, i thought it made me look less stuffy but sometimes i looked like a mom-to-be. Ntahla i think i might has lil baby in there..haha.Susah nak dapat flat tummy!

I hope i can carry empire dress well bila dah tummy flattens nanti..But im not sure sebenarnya my body fits what cut..nanti jumpa tailor dia tahu kot..Ingat nak buat kat dzull declassique je. Kalau FD, it might be Nik tapi kena tengok final budget

I've done few sketches.

Insecure sebab rasa buat 2 piece lebih selamat and xnampak gemss sgt compare to 1 piece:dress

colour sweet tp byk kali tengok mcm baju tidur.but i love the design

i love the draping kat neckline dada tu..

this is hatta dolmat's empire waist wedding dress

Blair Waldorf dress..Oh sgt suka beading embellishment tu.mcm beadmeplease mention from afar nampak macam patch lace. and i love the pattern macam pucuk rebung ke apetah..konon2 traditional injection ade sikit.:)

Oh ini best.tapi tidakkah nampak perut bumpy nanti??

ps: Dah beli lace di Bandung..boleh ke buat dress guna lace..mcm tak flowy je.

pss: I bought him Shantung Silk tapi he's a giant..takot nampak lagi giantness buat baju melayu guna shantung silk.

psss: Sanding nak buat baju sendiri mmg susahlah! lama2 nanti sewa jugak karang..

Pelamin Rass Wedding

Oh puh-lis sgt adore this dais from rass

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Caterer sedap


I already add some link on the side bar..that is..caterer!!

Oh tetiba excited katerer kenapa ntah..maybe sebab tak sangka harga dia affordable after tengok dlm majalah pengantin..Ya i've just bought majalah pengantin few months back and its useful.

The most delicious caterer i've tasted before was during my friend, Shik reception. If im not mistaken its kg. pandan caterer but not sure who is it la..its from rass Siap tambah 2 kali n afterwards i stayed back till night, makan daging hitam tu lagi...gaah

UTM G08 clan

Then, masa reception my friend kat Sg.Buloh 2 years back..Farhan...Sedapppp sgt.I meratah daging hitam tu je (aku mmg suka daging hitam gamaknye) nanti kena tanya dia amik caterer sapa..Dulu ada ambil name card caterer tu tapi takda perasaan nak kawin lg time tu..

Farhan wedding...caterer sedap gillsss

p/s: Papedom is a must-have item on the food list..
pps: Daging Dendeng sgt sedap..nak request ni kt caterer nanti

K bai..have a great weekends..I japlagi nak pergi Plaza GM, tengok2 favors yg bersesuaian kalau ade..nanti i review.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thank God its Friday!

I havent got any mood to update..We haven't really finalized on the date..Which make me a little tak sabar...pfft..We fight regularly..but he'll be coming here for short course on 10-14th and 25-28th....I miss him but he made me mad all the time