Saturday, October 2, 2010

Life is for Living. Happy birthday me.

I am upset with something yet I think that is not the worst thing ever happened to me. I can deal with it.

For the birthday, I'd like to share this beautiful doa.

Dear Lord, please guide me, my parents, my family, my friends, my acquaintances, and all those I love and know, as well as all Muslims to the Straight Path. Please give us Jannah and Firdaws Pleas protect us form hellfire Please protect us from suffering in the grave, from hellfire, form the temptations of Dajjal and difficult tribulations in this world and the hereafter. Please myke us one of those who will be brough back to life with light one their faces and given tehir book in their right hand Make the dying pains easier for us Make us of those who will be granted the privilege of looking at You from Jannah We ask You for everything for which Your beloved messenger Muhammad, s.a.w.s., has asked You, and we seek Yor protction form everything form which he sought porotection. Ya Ar-Rahman, please make us closer to everything tahta is good, and remove from us everything dthat s bad Ya al-Gaffar, Forgive us our sins Please endow us with all the good vcharacteristics of a pious Muslim, especially those characteristics Your messenger, s.a.w.s., had, and remove from us the characteristics of those who earned your anger and went astray. Please increase our concentratuion in prayer and zikrullah please protect us from haughtiness and purify our niyyah Please help our brothers and sisters in Palestine and everywhere where Muslims are suffering, give them strength, patience, tawakkul and sakinah,. Please strengthen the Ummah and make us unified.


O Allah, heal our ummah. Heal us from sickness, physical and mental, in our bodies and our hearts. Heal us of the sickness of racism and hate and exclusion. Heal us of the sickness of sexism, show us the way to be truly brothers and sisters with real respect for one another. Heal us of infatuation with others and give us pride in our diyn. Heal our hearts, heal our minds, heal our communities, heal our families. Guide us to the way of Islam, the way of your Prophet sall-Allaahu alayhi wa sallim, and make us as one.
O Allah send Your blessings and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.

Oh Allah, I seek sakinah, prosperity, security and success in this Dunya and Akhirat. And i seek to lead a life that lead to Paradise and protects me and true Muslims from Hell Fire. And I seek refuge as well as for brothers and sisters of the Deen from the evil insnuation of Satan until the next Ramadhan. And i seek Your Guidance, Ya Allah, to guide us to the Path of Submission to Your Will and a productive life that brings benefits and peace not only to myself but the rest of humanity, just as you have guided those before us. And O Allah, grant us knowledge that benefits us, the never-ending sustainance which would ease our worship toward you, and accept our actions and deeds.

O Allah bless this Ummah, bless our sisters in finding the best of husbands, bless my brothers in finding the best of wives. O Allah Please grant me and all the Ummah of Muhammad sala allahu alihi waslam halal rizq- permissible income. And protect us from debt and misery. Ward of all evil, and give us success in this life and the hereafter. O ALLAH! Please make me an obedient son of my parents and provide me a good job so that I can give lots of happiness to my parents.

O Allah help our New Muslim Brothers and Sisters, Protect them and help them. Teach them from your knowledge O You who have knowledge of everything, provide them You our only provider. O Allah make them steadfast with their Iman. Make me and the rest of this Ummah help with their needs.

************************************Am… Ameen Ameen*********************

i wish i were 5

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