Thursday, October 7, 2010

Marriage quote

After you marry, every asset either of you acquires is jointly held. That's why you both need to be in sync on your long-term financial goals, from paying off the mortgage to putting away for retirement. Ideally, you should talk about all this before you wed. If you don't, you can end up deeply frustrated and financially spent. - Suze Orman

I love Suze Orman. She is unlike any other personality i've ever seen on Oprah. She speaks up, clear things out and motivates people.

I've become more financial-savvy after seen her show. But I must admit, im not good in financial planning. My FH (future hubby) is better a thousand times. I talks a lot. But none happen. FH talk so little and only hear my oh-so-big-plan , but then the end of the day, he got a great savings. He know how to keep his money, not spending it on unnecessary thing...I adore you super darling FH. :)

But i cant keep up with his obsession with cars. Its over-indulge, me.

I cant let him buy super expensive car when we had enough car. Ours is not imported, but enough to take us safely.

So...actually dah lari tajuk...So we should speak up to our future spouse regarding financial goals.

Happy Thursday. Last syawal.:(

ps: Tadi beli baju kurung satin at Tesco Rm11.70 je.. haha lantakla.Cantik gak. Nak pakai ke kenduri.

pps: Got my voucher for Photobook 61% off promo for the Imagewrap book! Valid til 2015. Maybe gonna use for tunang photo..Sekarang nak cari siapa boleh shoot&burn yang murah-murah je..

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