Monday, August 30, 2010

Item ticked : Videographer

Just a few hour/min ago, i confirm my booking with ................

Wira Visuals

What i like about Wiravisuals

> Goood PR. he email-ed you nicely.

> Prompt reply. Always there for you. --tetibe buatkan tagline

> IT savvy. Mula-mula dapat quotation dah rasa mcm best because PDF files tu like the real quotation lah, bukan flyers/package sheet. And the receipt and the registration form. Ke semua videographer buat cmni. hehe.. Go paperless!

> Always tanya, if anything just tanya je, like so keen on making you understand the whole thing. Which is..great. Like..if you need a shoulder to cry on, kan lg best if ada org offer their shoulder instead of you tanya "Pinjam shoulder boleh?". I try to do a metaphore here tapi mcm tak jadi.:)

Ok..hopefully nanti he'll do wonders!

ps: I paling suka introduction/ending dia using his logo.elegantly immersed. and the music,

pps: Alhamdulillah, dah setel 1 perkara.


Nora a.k.a Aira said...

waa beshnya =) nora nak survey dia jugala =) thanks for sharing :)

ZARA said...

congratulations dear!

nuptiles said...

nora : ya silakan survey2..tgok video dia tp xbyk lg kot dia buat.baru je. dgr2 dia bru buat this business. before he's from dinawedding.

zara : thanks byk zara :)