Monday, August 30, 2010

One item ticked!!

Salam and good morning.

Just got back from Mpkj, booking the hall-the first thing I OFFICIALLY did for the wed preps. And i cant describe how it actually felt..Overwhelming? But im so0 relieved.. At least after this i can proceed with other vendors booking and legal stuff without being worried..yay.

So next thing today to book........


Memang pelik kan i jump into videographer terus but i nak grab promo August actually. After this, I dont think can get that price anymore. So pretty please, I harap ni kptusan yang betul walaupun tak puas survey videographer. So far ni yang kena with budget n hasil yang mengkagumkan..I tgok video dia ulang2 nak seronokkan hati. hehe.

ps: Sampai Mpkj jam 0805, the officer pun tak sampai lagi. Nasib baik cepat sebab i already download the borang online. And I takes 1 weeks to process the application. I thought it'll be an instant confirmation. Huhh..but anyway dah book..:)

pps: tetibe risau if videographer itu dah di book pula..please dont....nak email lah ni.nak bank in dah.


NahWaL said...

yeayy dah book dewan!!!

ZARA said...

wah seronoknya! i serious jealous tgk ticker u 9 bulan lagi!

nuptiles said...

nahwal : yeay..first baby step of b2b world..:))

zara: jealous apenye...i wish ticker tu tulis 2months. huuu..