Monday, March 29, 2010

His side.

The price for Jb vendor were somewhat lower than Klang Valley...obviously la kan...

I found 990MYR for whole package pelamin, hiasan bilik, baju persalinan, mekap, meja makan beradap..i was it for real?...but i thinks its a bit outdated in terms of the trends....

My boyfriend has decided to use his brothers friends bridal not sure who but seeing the pelamin of his brother..macam agak ok..

and for catering pun using his brothers in law catering services...Hmm bagus jugak ada sedara mara with wedding thingy ni...

Tak payah aku susah2 survey untuk dia..

And i hope the budget would be lower than my reception...boleh save sikit for later life--house improvement/honeymoon.

ps : we decided not to get engaged..may be just before nikah sekejap je..hehe
pps : we're going to a short honeymoon after JB reception kat desaru je kot(for stress relieve and rest body) ..after that baru figure out pegi must be a beach!

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