Friday, March 26, 2010

Persiapan rumah

Last night i chit-chat with him....

So maybe next week he's checkin in the new house and kena beli few basic furniture sebab rumah tu memang tak ada apa apa except furnished wardrobe and kitchen cabinet.

I warn him to take me with him when he decided to buy the furniture because im very fussy freak about furniture. Takot he end up beli yang ntah ape ape... Once pernah gadoh sebab dia nk beli leather sofa.. I really like leather sofa sebab macam senang nak cuci, cuma kena extra care tapi taknak beli set 3+2+1..I want the couch only tapi dia nak beli set...end up gadoh..

I love the idea of white rustic house...dulu selalu berangan dgn my friend, Cheryl..Cheryl loves white combined with silver metalllic

fully utilized bedroom that looks super comfy

white rustic..i love the floor i dont know why

this is kinda mess but i love the fact that it is very airy..<3>

Saw this one alike at cavenzi...

love the simplicity

Ok habis berangan......

maybe for starters beli bed, couch and TV sahaja..yang lain akan menyusul after i moved in which is when?????cant wait to be ur housemate!!!harhar...

*fridge and washer xperlu sebab dia boleh basuh baju kat rumah kak long. makan pun selalu kat luar je

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