Friday, March 12, 2010

Wedding parasols and umbrella

personalised monogram parasol

Decorating for a wedding can be costly and challenging, so i was inspired by Beautiful and bright with some ideas of using parasols and umbrella or I used to called it payung kertas. Before this I always adore payung kertas deco as seen at Old Town Bangsar South

There's an option of using paper, lace or silk material parasol. I was thinking of hanging it as seen at Old Town. its classic.. in line with my initial idea of having traditional wedding...Butttt since im so lured into martha stewart and seeing other b2b with modern colours and stuff...and plus point i bought all-french lace during Bandung shopping-obviously theres no traditional if i add in french lace kan...soooo i was thinking of doing a modern-traditional...lantak la..hehehe

The colour

My nephew n niece playing with paper umbrella at Kellie's Castle

Old Town White Coffee Bangsar South

picture from

The price around $7-12 online can I have these around KL...hurmm

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