Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Montage, childhood video..Bring back those memories

For those whose having reception at hall, then it's a chance for you to have these memorable slot during reception. For me…a MUST..Well for my saudara –mara sides memang diorang buat ni and when my cousin got married, I made her the video, aired during makan beradap..Its a sweet way of showing your partner how much you appreciate the treasure journey..From childhood, you never know who you'll end up settling down with.. Jodoh rahsia Allah. Looking back those comoties childhood picture of you both will definitely made you smile.. Then kindergarten, school, uni, working days up till now..

If sempat, boleh letak gambar nikah on that video…Macam yeah this is it!He/She's the ONE for me. The one who's promised to spend his life with, going through happy or sad, good or bad. But most of all, for me I want to visualize arwah mak to seems be there,even though she's not. My childhood picture must be about her mostly..Its a tribute and remembrance of how much I miss her. Some people may think its better if we do not show deceased picture, get over it..But I want to always remember her..its not a problem to me.I wont shut something important out of my wits..ever

Song selection : Slow-tunes or Happy/funny-tunes

My fav : Estrella-Ternyata/Take it slow

Emotions : memories backlash, tears involved, I want to touch everyone heart. Hey I cried watching American idol..The song selection make a huge impact.

How to do it : Depends on budget, hired a professional videomaker, make it your own, or ask help among talent-gifted art friend/relatives

Software : The simplest and yet readily available is Movie Maker. Download a software such as Power Director for better output.

Set up a white screen , it'll be better if your makan beradap table do not place behind the screen. Then you have to twist your head or back to look and see.Its okay if makan beradap were place at the side of the hall, let the pelamin become the centre of attraction.

Play the video while the makan beradap starts( bride and groom already at the table)..all while the guest had their meal too..


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