Monday, March 1, 2010

Nom nom nom

I’m hooked with weddingpaperdiva website..Dahla boleh personalize…

Yesterday I sleepover at Ummu’s place and she accidentally saw my wed plan and were furious that I didn’t told her a thing. We end up staying up flipping over wedding n design mags and sharing ideas..(Ummu words: body shop body and bath care and also my guestbook).Her sis getting engaged next April. Nurul Shukor jadi planner cum MUA ok…Gahhh best gila! I bet nanti Ummu’s pun Nurul Shukor buatkan…

Kenduri tahlil Ummu and her mom yang masak..dengan dapur kayu..Memang hard-to-find. they both mmg kamceng especially dalam cookery..

Dah dapat softcopy Julie&Julia from ummu…..cant wait to watch it

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