Monday, March 1, 2010

Wedding colour theme?

Some people may find this quite tricky....but I have narrow down my option to......

1) Off white + very light fuschia
2) Off white + metallic silver
3) off white + tiffany blue

Can use it for sanding, bertandang, nikah..either one

I dream of a white wedding..tapi untuk praktikaliti n fun element rasanya combine best kot..But really into off white...suci gitew

Some color choice

- Purple (ermm for me..soo yesterday)
- Green ( fresh...pernah consider nak colour ni..very light green)
- Orange ( too hot..not a fav at all)
- Pink aka fuschia (sweett...opt for light colour)
- Yellow (nice juge...tengok NER.d buat baju nikah sweettt plus look soo royalty if choose hot yellow)
- Choc ( rich, classic..combine with off white/cream)
- Black (save it for goth party)

Color combo ideas

Its Pink+ brown

its a white wedding

Its tiffany blue+off white
Its sunny yellow+bright white

Its aqua+brown

Its pale aqua+ soft blush pink

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